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Calendar of Events 2021
(subject to change)
In no case the orchestra is the organizer. Please contact the orchestra to come to know the respective organizer. Corona-related concert cancellations and postponements are currently taken into account.
(as at 30.09.21)

Date Time Location Event Soloist(s)
FORECAST 2021      
October 2021      
31.10.   Rüsselsheim Italian Night
November 2021      
14.11.   Bad Hersfeld, Stadtkirche Mozart: Coronation Mass, Piano Concerto KV 246 H. Hahn conducting
December 2021      
12.12. 19.00 Frankfurt, Gartencenter Sunflower Christmas Concert Ensemble of the Frankfurt Symphony
25.12.   Rüsselsheim Christmas Concert
RETROSPECT 2021      
14.09. 11.00 Bad Vilbel, Wasserburg Senior citizens' afternoon: Operetta Dreams Ensemble of the Frankfurt Symphony
18.09. 13.00 Frankfurt Flashmob: Ode to Joy