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Commander Spock meets the Magnificent Seven
Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra enthralls with a fantastic sounding movie experience in the community centre Neuer Markt.
Bühl – A program with a difference was presented by the Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra in the community centre Neuer Markt. Under the direction of Stefan Ottersbach the audience could listen to famous film soundtracks - each musician giving an Oscar performance. Bar after bar brought to mind the emotions of the various films. […] The superb orchestral ensemble triggered visions of film scenes sounding almost mysterious at times. The fantastic wind section that has "Superman" scurried around the corners and the floating sound of the strings in the performance of Nino Rota's "Godfather" theme from the homonymous mafia classic proved that this ensemble is capable of creating goose pimples. […] The orchestra's repertoire includes classical music along with many other styles such as jazz, swing etc. The only thing that matters is good music covering all styles. […]
Badisches Tagblatt, 07.03.2013

Glorious opera was brought to the new civic centre in Langen
With a highly professional group of musicians the opera gala was performed in the civic centre. The audience was enthralled.
Langen. A good symphony orchestra, an experienced and well performing choir and two excellent soloists – all the conditions are in place for a concert that fulfills high expectations. As the conductor Stefan Ottersbach is capable of uniting the orchestra, choir and soloists excellent music enjoyment is guaranteed. […]
Frankfurter Neue Presse, 31.03.2012

The success was outstanding. Many encore pieces, standing ovation, more than two hours of operetta and waltz music, dancing couples in front of the stage, dancing even to the sound of tango. The visitors of the New Year Concert in the Protestant Community Centre in Eisenberg were enthusiastic about the Johann Strauss Orchestra Frankfurt.

The musicians as well as their conductor and moderator Stefan Ottersbach were well able to lead the audience into a magic world of waltz where daily concerns could be forgotten. It was a wonderful inspiring evening of easy listening that fulfilled the visitors' expectations from the beginning to the end. The Johann Strauss Orchestra performed in a very convincing and homogenous manner, played the melodies with authenticity and took the audience to the very centre of the evening. […]

No matter whether "The Florentiner March" […], the waltzes "Gold and Silver" […] or "The Skaters" were played the musicians understood to perform these popular pieces on a professional and appealing level. Outstanding enthusiasm as evoked on Saturday evening is rare as many orchestras are not able to interpret these compositions in such a brilliant way. Perhaps this is what made the concert so special.
Rheinpfalz, 18.01.2010
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